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☂ tears dry on their own

❀ blue eyes crying in the rain

♬ 小南 ✿
♬ Konan
❀ blue eyes crying in the rain

Name: Konan
Age: 22
Position: Konoha Symphony Orchestra cellist
Personality: Konan is a stoic, calm, level-headed woman. Growing up she was a bright child, curious about the world around her. However, the trauma of losing her parents in the bombing have led her to become a serious and quiet person. She rarely speaks, only speaking when she's called on by her professors or superiors. She keeps to herself mostly and is very shy.

She's an odd woman. She enjoys doing her homework, doing more that what was asked of her professors simply because she finds the topic interesting. When she's finished, she practices on her cello. She loves books, specifically science fiction and fantasy books. When she has a little bit of money left (after new cello strings and groceries) she spends it on a good book. Konan loves cats. Though she has none herself, she'll sometimes stop by the animal shelter and see the ones they have, petting them and playing with them.

As said before, Konan is a quiet woman. She only speaks when called on because she's afraid that if she speaks onher own volition, someone else will criticize her statement or rebuttal against it. Because of her shyness, she has very few friends.

Background: Konan grew up as an only child in a land that was plagued by war. Most of her childhood, she and her parents would he huddled together in a bunker, praying for the day when the war would stop...until the war took her parent's lives.

Perhaps it was that moment that made Konan who she is today. Having witnessed her own loving parents killed in a blast, while she lived with burns, cuts, and the image of her home in gaseous flames. Out of the wreckage, two things survived: her cello and a paper crane. Those two things are what keep Konan going, the ability to submerse herself in the deep drawls of the cello and to create a tiny audience of paper creatures that will listen to her.

Since then, she moved to the city of Konoha and is attending college; majoring in Music Theory and minoring in Philosophy. She is a cellist for the Konoha Symphony Orchestra, using the money she receives to pay her tuition and apartment.

☂ tears dry on their own

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